10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Traveling With Very Little Money

Thought Catalog

My friend and I went to Scandinavia recently. Despite my friend losing all her money to pickpockets and us scrimping on the money I have with me, I would still say that it was my most enjoyable and relaxing trip that has taught me valuable lessons in life.

1. Ask and you shall receive (even if it’s a stupid question).

My friend and I prefer a little bit of adventure when we travel, which is why we try to ask questions only as last resort. This changed when my friend lost all her money and we had to share all the expenses with the cash that I have with me (good thing I also brought my credit card with me).

Losing her money made us bolder in asking strangers for favors during our trip.

On our trip to Bergen, we had a two-hour stop over at Voss Station and we…

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