Fly with ant-mimic wings

Why Evolution Is True

Several readers have called my attention to yet another amazing case of mimicry, this time in a tephritid fly (the “true” fruit flies). Most people became alerted to this by a semi-viral tw**t by Ziya Tong, which notes that “Goniurellia tridens is a 3-in-1 insect,” and that the photo below was taken by Peter Roosenschoon in Dubai. Roosenschoon is a conservation officer at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Those aren’t ants bedecking the fly’s wings; they’re the normal wing markings of this species. But why would a fly have antlike markings on its wing? [UPDATE: Note comments at bottom where an ant expert and two others (including Matthew) think that these are spiderlike markings.  I’m coming around to that point of view.]

The issue is discussed in a New York Times‘s “Dot Earth” column by Andrew Revkin, which refers back to the original article in the…

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This Video Explaining Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup Routine Will Change The Way You Look At Every Woman

Thought Catalog

Not everything is about beauty, but some things are, and being a female celebrity is definitely one of them. And while we always knew that Marilyn was primped and polished within an inch of her life before we ever got a glimpse at her, it’s interesting to see just how much of her routine was based on actual optical illusions. (The shadow under the eyelashes seems particularly sneaky.) It’s unlikely that most women we meet throughout the day are adjusting their features even close to the degree that she did, but it’s fascinating to think about just how much of the beauty we see around us is manufactured, or designed for us to perceive it in a certain way.

Even without Photoshop, there is something very powerful about makeup and the way we understand beauty. That little shadow under the lashes may have just been a trick of the trade…

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10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned While Traveling With Very Little Money

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My friend and I went to Scandinavia recently. Despite my friend losing all her money to pickpockets and us scrimping on the money I have with me, I would still say that it was my most enjoyable and relaxing trip that has taught me valuable lessons in life.

1. Ask and you shall receive (even if it’s a stupid question).

My friend and I prefer a little bit of adventure when we travel, which is why we try to ask questions only as last resort. This changed when my friend lost all her money and we had to share all the expenses with the cash that I have with me (good thing I also brought my credit card with me).

Losing her money made us bolder in asking strangers for favors during our trip.

On our trip to Bergen, we had a two-hour stop over at Voss Station and we…

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5 Ways To Enjoy Yourself At Parties Without Sipping On Alcohol

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I used to drink, back in the day. Even then, I was a late bloomer. I didn’t touch alcohol for the first time until I had gotten my acceptance letter from college. I wasn’t personally peer-pressured, more just pressured by society as a whole. I wanted to be a part of the camaraderie of taking shots and sinking the final cup in a game of ruit (yes it is ruit. Not beer pong). I drank alcohol like a normal kid for a few years, loving every college party and taking pride in my ability to take a shot without a chaser. It was fun. I was fun.

My junior year in college I developed some strange allergy to alcohol. I have always had a terrible stomach, but like a flip of a switch, I couldn’t have one drink without being viscerally ill for many hours. So that was that and…

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How Shazam Works

One of my favourite app for my Windows Phone:- Shazam, The algorithm behind

Free Won't

There is a cool service called Shazam, which take a short sample of music, and identifies the song.  There are couple ways to use it, but one of the more convenient is to install their free app onto an iPhone.  Just hit the “tag now” button, hold the phone’s mic up to a speaker, and it will usually identify the song and provide artist information, as well as a link to purchase the album.

What is so remarkable about the service, is that it works on very obscure songs and will do so even with extraneous background noise.  I’ve gotten it to work sitting down in a crowded coffee shop and pizzeria.

So I was curious how it worked, and luckily there is a paper written by one of the developers explaining just that.  Of course they leave out some of the details, but the basic idea is…

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Mathematics behind GF


Thanks to slow but heavy dialects of Sudh Desi Romance, got time and motivation to think what’s probability of getting a gf in normal situation(conditions applied 🙂 ).Please remember that it’s just from a mathematics enthusiasts point of view.

I had read about someone relating this probability with  Drake equation.The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative  extraterrestrial  civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. The equation was written in 1961 by Frank Drake.

The Drake equation is:

N = R_{\ast} \cdot f_p \cdot n_e \cdot f_{\ell} \cdot f_i \cdot f_c \cdot L


N = the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible (i.e. which are on our current past light cone);

R* = the average number of star formation per year in our galaxy
fp = the fraction of those stars that have planets
ne = the average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets
fl = the fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point
fi = the fraction of planets with life that actually go on to develop intelligent life (civilizations)
fc = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space
L = the length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space.
Now to fit to our need we can modify the nature of variables.For simplicity  Indian population has been taken as workspace.
G=The number of potential girlfriends.
R=The rate of formation of people in India ie Growth rate. As most of the peers of our groups were born in and around 1990’s it would be a safer to consider birth rate as per the 1991 Census of population.That was around 2.14% considering population of 84,64,00,000 at that time.
fg=The fraction of girl in India.That shall amount to 940/1940.
fl=The fraction of girl in your locality(Much vague and need to be discussed upon like fraction).
fa=The fraction of girl in the age group

fe=The fraction of women who are graduates

fs=The fraction I find attractive

L=Length of time girls of my age have been in India